Transact, Upload, Collect your invoices hassle free!!!

Introducing “MMAG eReceipt”. A tool to manage wholesalers, retailers, executives and their invoice transactions.

MMAG eReceipt will manage your transactions

This tool will allow you to add retailers, executives and their invoice transactions. Retailer can keep the records of their wholesalers and the transactions between them. Also wholesalers can send sms to their retailers when needed.

  • Dashboard reporting

    Dashboard shows you the overall reports like total number of retailers, executives and the transactions paid and pending amounts.

  • Invoice Transaction

    The wholesalers can upload the invoice detail of retailers in excel format for their reference and future use.

  • Send SMS

    The wholesalers can intimate the transactions paid and pending to their retailers through SMS on their mobiles.

  • Track Account Receivables

    It is used to track their transactions with the retailers, executives and also wholesalers. Also you can manage the paid and pending transactions accordingly.

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Create Retailer & Executive

Add your retailers, executives and stockists. It makes easy to maintain the transactions with them. Also clearly you can manage the paid and balance amounts with this tool.

Upload & View Invoice

Invoices can be upload into the database in excel format for reference and future use. Alse you can view them whenever necessary.

Track Invoice Transaction

It will be easy to track your transactions with your customers using this tool instead of paper work calculation. You can easily check the credited and pending amounts.

Partial Payments

Manage partial payments for your wholesalers,retailers and executives at the time of invoice creation through dashboard reports.

Manage Receipt

Receipts are necessary when we pay money to purchas any products. By this you can manage your debited accounts through reports.

Detailed Report Analysis

Gain useful insights from reports and valuable data available on the dashboard to make better informed business decisions.

Notify through SMS

Use SMS for sending confirmation, reminder, and follow-up notifications to your customers and users. Also you can remind them about the balance amounts needs to be paid.

  • "I've been using ereciept app for 4 months now and I love it. It is very User -friendly and easy to setup."

    Collection Supervisor, KMS Agency